Catching Up: One Year Later

Today we are“Catching Up”  with Deep Creek Bride, Chelsea, after one year of marriage to her husband, Chris. This beautiful couple was married on top of WISP resort in McHenry, Maryland, and the ceremony was definitely one for the books. The bride and bridesmaids were escorted by chairlift to the top of Eye Opener before their walk down the isle. They kept the excitement going when Chris, a professional ATV rider, rode his ATV down the aisle with his new wife!


Lets check in on this couple a year later!

Chris_Chelsea_FORMALS_L-79       Chris_Chelsea_FORMALS_K-3

When was your wedding?

          August 16, 2014.

Did your wedding live up to your expectations?

           “Our wedding was fantastic! I joke with my husband that we would get married every weekend if we could afford it. Our family and friends had a great time and we loved every moment of it.”

Is married life what you expected it to be?

chris_chelsea_reception-227   “Married life is great, we live on a large farm in south western Pennsylvania. We both work full time and have some pretty time consuming hobbies, but we love the life we live!

How has you and your husbands’ relationship gotten better over the past year?

                  “I would say our relationship has gotten better, we were together seven years before we married, so we knew each other pretty well, but as time passes there is always more to learn.  I think we both try to use what we know about each other to our advantage and to keep the other one happy.”

What has been the biggest obstacle to overcome when sharing your life with someone?

              “Honestly, there hasn’t been one. Chris and I are very independent people and we both knew that going in, so we share most things, but we also do a lot of things separate. Some of my friends think it’s odd, but I love it. We do great things together and we do great things apart! We haven’t had any big issues blending our lives.”

What is your favorite thing about being married that you didn’t see coming?Chris_Chelsea_FORMALS-130

           “I just love calling him my husband! I love seeing his ring on his finger, and knowing that we are a family!”

Are you guys planning on having ant little ones or are you expecting? (Pets count too)

          “We happily live with a Texas Heeler (Famous) and two American Quarter Horses (Cisco and Paisley).

If you were to get married now, what would you do differently?

            “Honestly, I would hire a different florist, the flowers did not meet our expectations. We had a few other hiccups during the reception, but overall, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Any advice for those couples who are getting ready to tie the knot?

           “Pick a budget and stick to it! Only look at options you can afford. I really didn’t think wedding planning was hard at all, as long as you know your vision and budget go with it. Accept your family’s help, but be stern about your vision, it’s your day not theirs. Also, relax and have fun! Chris and I had a blast on our wedding, we tried to enjoy every moment and didn’t stress.”




Chris_Chelsea_ceremony-119    Chris_Chelsea_ceremony-132

Chris_Chelsea_FORMALS_L-39     Chris_Chelsea_FORMALS-13



chris_chelsea_reception-31         chris_chelsea_reception-12



chris_chelsea_reception-348     chris_chelsea_reception-490

Photography provided by: Higher Focus Studios
Caterer – Wisp Resort
Officient – Pastor Chuck Lemastor
Ceremony/Reception Location – Wisp Resort/Mountain Mist Tent
DJ – Sounds Fun Entertainment
Florist – Jan’s Florist
Cake – Mountain Flower Bakery
Hair/Make-up – Deep Creek Salon
Rehearsal Dinner – Brenda’s Pizzeria

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