Catching Up: Six Months Later

Today we are “Catching Up” with bride Lauren Williams, after her six months of marriage to her husband, Zack.

10994329_2639569111938_1115525556648774386_n When was your wedding?

“April 18, 2015.”

Did your wedding live up to your expectations?

“Nothing ever goes as smooth as you think because you can’t control other people and their actions. Our reception was beautiful. My husband was amazing through the entire process. All of the special moments we wanted to have, we had and they were better than expected.”

Is the married life what you expected it to be?

“Yes and better! It is so amazing to come home to each other every night (we moved in together right before the wedding). Through any relationship there are challenges, but you get to know each other more and more every day. When you work through challenges it makes your relationship stronger and you understand each other even better.”

How has you and your husbands’ relationship grown over this past year?

“Our communication is on point! We understand that we put each other first in our lives and discuss everything together before we make decisions. We believe we are a team and that makes everything else easier!”

What has been the biggest obstacle to overcome when sharing your life with someone?

Family! We both have amazing and loving families that want the best for us. That leads to a lot of opinions! We have to set expectations with our families and ultimately make our own decisions. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but we know what is best for us and our lives.”

What is your favorite thing about being married that you didn’t see coming?

“Being together 24/7. The spontaneous playful moments are the best. Teasing, joking, and laughing with each other are my favorite. They are always the most unexpected, but the happiest times.”

Are you guys planning on having any little ones, already have a kid or are you expecting? (Pets count too) 

“Eventually, but not any time soon. We are both young and want to spend time with each other and do a lot of traveling in the next few years.”

If you were to get married now, what would you do differently?

“You would want to say yes, but to make our families happy probably not. The only thing we would change is be more firm in want we want versus what our family wants.”

Any advice for those couples who are getting ready to tie the knot?

“It is all about you both and what makes you happy!”




Photography courtesy of Enchanted Celebrations

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